Collamin Design offers courses in creating your own unique jewellery.

The aim of this course is to capture the creativity within our customers, to make them a part of their creations and to give them insights into the “do’s” and “don’ts” of the jewellery making process.

These courses are run on request as either home parties or for businesses that wants to encourage their employees to bring out their creative sides.

Simple art clay silver techniques are also available on request by Helena Sjölin who is certified in this modern way of creating silver jewellery. In this course people will experience a new way of creating and also using their own sense of creativity to create a silver ring or pendant.

Renewal and re-stringing of old jewellery

Do you want to give your old pearls a facelift?
Do you have a necklace lying around that you love but never wear?

Let us revitalize it for you. With our expertise and experience we will make your old piece become modern and fun using your own ideas to create your master piece.

We can also restring your pearl necklace to make it look like new again.